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American Horror Story: Madison Montgomery { 5 &0 }
"Either crown me or kiss my ass!"

The fanlisting for American Horror Story character, Madison Montgomery.
Characters: TV 12th Aug 2015

Boy Meets World: Shawn Hunter { 7 &0 }
"Hey, when I got friends, I can get through anything."

The fanlisting for Boy Meets World character, Shawn Hunter.
Characters: TV 20th Jan 2017

Captain America { 3 &0 }
"A weak man knows the value of strength and compassion."

The fanlisting for the Marvel Comics character, Captain America.
Comics 25th Jan 2017

Chris Pine { 4 &0 }
The fanlisting for actor, Chris Pine.
Actors 05th Oct 2017

Christian Louboutin { 2 &0 }
The fanlisting for the world's most iconic stiletto, Christian Louboutin.
Fashion/Beauty 18th Apr 2016

Dominic Sherwood { 2 &0 }
The fanlisting for British actor, Dominic Sherwood.
Actors 16th May 2017

How To Get Away With Murder: Frank Delfino { 2 &0 }
The fanlisting for the How to Get Away with Murder character, Frank Delfino.
Characters: TV 17th Mar 2016

Marvel Comics: Mjolnir { 5 &0 }
"Ye who yields this hammer, shall possess the power of Thor"

The fanlisting for Thor's Hammer, Mjölnir.
TV/Movie/Book Miscellany 14th Mar 2016

Marvel Comics: Thor { 4 &0 }
The fanlisting for the Marvel Comics character, Jane Foster.
Comics 18th Sep 2015

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir: Agreste, Adrien (Cat Noir) { 3 &0 }
The fanlisting for Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir character, Adrien Agreste.
Animation 02nd Dec 2018

Norse Mythology: Asgard { 4 &0 }
The fanlisting for the world where the Norse Gods live, Asgard.
Mythology/Religion 02nd Dec 2016

Pokemon Decidueye { 3 &0 }
The fanlisting for the Pokemon Sun & Moon pokemon, Decidueye.
Games 28th Dec 2019

Pokemon: Corviknight { 3 &0 }
The fanlisting for Pokemon Sword & Shield pokemon, Corviknight.
Games 17th Mar 2020

Pokemon: Rowlet { 5 &1 }
The fanlisting for Pokemon Sun & Moon starter, Rowlet.
Games 28th Dec 2019

Pokemon: Toucannon { 3 &0 }
The fanlisting for Pokemon Sun & Moon pokemon, Toucannon.
Games 28th Dec 2019

Ravens { 8 &0 }
The fanlisting for the classic black bird that inspired many; The Raven.
Animals 20th Jan 2017

Scream Queens: Chanel Oberlin { 9 &0 }
"My name is Chanel Oberlin & I'm the queen of Kappa Kappa Tau."

The fanlisting for Scream Queens character, Chanel Oberlin.
Characters: TV 17th Sep 2015

Shadowhunters: Jace Herondale { 6 &0 }
The fanlisting for Shadowhunters character, Jace Herondale.
Characters: TV 18th Oct 2018

Superstore { 8 &0 }
The fanlisting for your favorite big box Superstore, Cloud 9.
TV Shows 06th Apr 2016

Vampire Diaries: Stefan Salvatore { 8 &0 }
"You're still the same lying, selfish, manipulative bitch that you've always been."

The fanlisting for The Vampire Diaries character, Stefan Salvatore.
Characters: TV 10th Jan 2017

Walking Dead: Negan { 9 &0 }
The fanlisting for The Walking Dead character, Negan.
Characters: TV 20th Jan 2017

Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor { 3 &0 }
The fanlisting for Wonder Woman character, Steve Trevor.
Characters: Book/Movie 10th Sep 2017


I currently run 26 fanlistings, with a total of 106 fans (& 1 pending). The newest fanlisting is Excalibur the Pokemon: Corviknight fanlisting

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April 29th, 2020

   » New Layout update for the Madison Montgomery fanlisting.

March 17th, 2020

   » Opened the Corviknight fanlisting.

December 28th, 2019

   » Opened the Toucannon & the Decidueye fanlistings.